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Save Yourselves!

Save Yourselves!


Brilliantly crafted comedy that showcased strong humorous chemistry between the two leads. Had the entire theater laughing all the way until the end.

I dare you to not like this movie, so funny from the performances to the writing to the creature design. This should be viewed by anyone trying to see a Great concept executed perfectly on a very indie budget

Sheer comedic talent and imaginative writing made a really fun movie. I can't wait to watch this again.

So god damn hilarious. The writing was just magnificent.  Sunita Mani & John Reynolds had such great chemistry together and played so well off each other. Just so much fun AT THE CINEMA.

Save Yourselves!

Save Yourselves!


THIS WAS SO GOOD. John and Sunita’s dynamic was just phenomenal. Hilarious, cute, intense. Loved it.

What a fun experience! First time going to a Sundance screening with friends, and boy was this the perfect one to see with friends! Hilarious! Sundance is BRINGING IT this year! The Sean Connery jokes scene got me good! John Reynolds is a comedic genius.

Eleanor Wilson and Alex Huston Fischer’s Save Yourselves! Includes a stellar cast with Mani and Reynolds having some fantastic chemistry together on screen (and even offscreen during their Q and A). The plot is packed with whacky situations and hilarious lines delivered perfectly from the two leads all while still managing to satirize millennials’ addiction to technology. Save yourselves! From missing one of the best comedies in existence and go see this film! 
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In Sundance’s emotional desert of devastating dramas and shocking documentaries, I found a beautiful oasis of comedy. This indie sci-fi comedy had me grinning ear to ear for almost the entire runtime and gave me more than a few laughs. 

The two leads, John Reynolds and Sunita Mani, literally don’t let a second of this runtime go to waste. They legitimately have some of the best chemistry I’ve ever seen between comedic leads, and since they…