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  • Operation Avalanche

    Operation Avalanche


    This surprised me, as far as found footage movies go this is a fine example of using the format to your creative advantage,a well known conspiracy theory plus a very imaginative film director makes for a very good viewing experience. Go in open minded and you may enjoy yourself.

  • Zombeavers



    I wanted to like this movie more, as I have a soft spot for self aware silly creature features, examples being Black sheep and Dog soldiers, but unfortunately it didnt quite have the same amount of love for gory detail and dark humour, still worth a watch though, but certainly not the best example of the genre.

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  • Psycho III

    Psycho III


    This directorial debut by lead actor Anthony Perkins is a great example of an overlooked movie that makes for a neat and rather amusing viewing experience.
    It manages to shine a bit more light on Normans condition and helps extend the Bates universe, it also adds a boorish debauchee named Duke.
    Norman has returned to his seemingly harmless pushover but elusive characteristics that he forms to shield him from close scrutiny.
    The themes of exclusion and the connection of adrift…

  • Simon Killer

    Simon Killer


    An American sociopath decides to vent his frustrations in a foreign
    land, exercising deep emotional manipulation tactics and brutal
    ruthlessness. Atmosphere builds up in waves, ushered forward with a
    dynamic soundtrack (LCD soundsystem, Spectral Display) pounding between
    the occasional shot with harsh reds and deep white flashes. I feel it's
    a touch too gratuitous with the sexual scenes, although it is used to
    show a quickly built relationship, and to that means is very effective.
    Disturbing and thought provoking, great…