Red Rocket

Red Rocket ★★★★½

Red Rocket follows what seems to be the redemption arc of a down and out porn star on his return to his home town. What follows though is the day in a life ramblings of a con man. When the movie first starts we are following our lead character played by an amazing Simon Rex who gives one of the best performances I've seen this year (along with what I also think is possibly THE best performance I've seen this year in Suzanna Son). Rex brings all the charisma, charm, and quick smooth talking needed to like this down and out character right from the start. While the movie also goes along to start bringing out the more sinister and creepy side of the character making you see how actually unlikeable he really is. Each and every character adds so much to the feeling of this small town life. The cinematography is grimy, hot, and sweaty making you really feel what this town is like. I don't know what much else I can say other then this feels authentic and real and completely worth a watch.

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