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just so we're clear, this is every movie that Harvey Weinstein produced, distributed, or made cuts to

Claire Shaffer

Claire Shaffer 715 films

leo just does NOT have a good time in water :/

issy 🥝

issy 🥝 8 films

things my dad has said about movies

shay loise

shay loise 48 films

movies where the parents from juno play aggressive mentors who use abusive methods to push their student towards greatness, resulting in a best supporting academy award for the actor


Bethany 2 films

movies where men risk it all for emily blunt because they just can’t seem to help themselves


angela 10 films

"females cant make movies" yeah lol look at these dickface

Andre de Nervaux

Andre de Nervaux 175 films

films where timothee chalamet doesn’t last more than 5 seconds

Tyler 'Llewyn'

Tyler 'Llewyn' 3 films

MY best picture


katie 1 film

movies where a straight white person attracts a mate by playing piano in the half-light

ellie ✨

ellie ✨ 15 films

Big-Screen Musicals Starring Hugh Jackman in Which Our Young Hero Gets Caught Stealing a Loaf of Bread and Ends Up Raising Kids Whose Mother Is Played By An Actress Who Starred in Brokeback Mountain

Paul Clark

Paul Clark 2 films