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  • Lodo y armiño

    Lodo y armiño


    Heavy moralizing here about how one mans libertinage ruins about twelve peoples' lives (okay, maybe only five...) and I almost admired the lengths the script went to in creating reverberating cross-currents of ill-will and bad decision making in response to the first misdeed -- to the point where it took the intervention of a Cardinal visiting from Vatican City to restore everyone to the paths of righteousness… but then when we got to the end, I couldn't really see that…

  • Una joven de 16 años

    Una joven de 16 años


    Bubble-of-privilege drama about a young woman's fantasy-life centered on waltzes and the elegant old-fashioned trappings of romance. Luckily, she has a father who can afford to hire people to play out roles complementary to her own in her dream-world. All of which is contrasted with the ritmo-de-twist modern flirtatiousness and frivolity of her sisters; the movie's pretty clear about the constructedness of social personas, but its also pretty clear about limiting the parameters of acceptable choice.

    The degree of disconnection with anything rooted in the real world makes this one unusually offensive to me, princessy princess bullshit.

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  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona

    Vicky Cristina Barcelona

    Glib and carelessly-imagined ode to privilege. I tried to ignore my distaste for the superficial artsiness of the characters, but after the scene where the blonde girl decided it would be kicks to go to a slummy-looking neighborhood and photograph sex-workers I just couldn't. Esp. when the SW were all "Hello, American Lady Woman! We love you! Come taste the wines and cheeses of my village!"

    Art is one thing, lifestyle-pimping is another.

  • Out 1

    Out 1


    It's got a gun and it's got a girl, so it's cinema. I think the only thing I can do right now is transcribe the notes I made to myself while I was watching it. Sustained thought? It's usually beyond me... and I want to read up on secondary materials before I commit to anything.

    Episode 1:

    It's absolutely a sequel to L'Amour Fou -- in that one, the characters were struggling against the collapse of meaning, and in this…