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This review may contain spoilers.

well, here goes my (probably) longest and most hostile review yet.
i've been reading way too many comments regarding the alleged "lack of depth" some characters had and let me tell you something: the lack of depth in this movie was solely reserved to men and that is honestly what was needed. in stories like these, i wholeheartedly do not care about their side, their point of view or whatever the fuck they might have to say. the entire justice system cares for them enough, so why should i?
also, the script wasn't bad. not everything has to be super complex; in topics like these, sometimes you need to cut straight to the point so it can get through some thick, thick skulls.
this is the movie women needed. one about raw emotions and our deepest, most darkest reactions to what we deal with daily and will deal with for the rest of our lives. read that again: rest of our lives.
the only few downsides is how secondary laverne was in this, she could have had much more - also couldn't ignore the slight unrealistic plot lines towards the end. nevertheless, won't say it makes it a BAD movie.

there is so much more i want to say about this movie.
the PERFECT soundtrack, colours and sets. just brilliant! and
alison brie's character describes what i think is the liberal, suburban woman blinded by the patriarchy and its rules. max greenfield's represents a lot of men around me, you and everyone else.
the feeling of fear and distrust women just simply cannot shake off is extremely well characterised, too.

carey mulligan is an actual acting BEAST.

oh and, fuck you bo burnham's character