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  • Problemista




    A promising directorial debut from Julio Torres. The ideas may be a bit all over the place, but the message is quite inspiring. Hopefully this is a great start for more wacky stuffs. 

    Even when Tilda Swinton is the most insufferable person on screen, she will still make you laugh. What a talent.

    2023 Films - Full Ranking (Already premiered at SXSW last year)

  • Spaceman




    Sandler hugging Paul Dano’s spider literally saved this. Another “lonely astronaut and his lonely wife” plot basically, but at least the ending is much more lighthearted than Black Mirror: Beyond the Sea. Really wish Carey Mulligan having more prominent role in this.

    2024 Films - Full Ranking

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  • Barbie




    “FUCK THE PATRIARCHHHYYY” ~ Ken-dall Roy 🥳😎

    A Ken-tastic adaptation. This Ken be considered the Citizen Ken of toyline-based cinema. We Ken safely put our trust in Greta for the upcoming Netflix’s Narnia projects.

    There’s nothing else to say other than this is what a Barbie film is supposed to be: meta commentary, existentialism, female empowerment, critics on consumerism, self-discovery, and, to some degree, coming of age. But most importantly, it dissects the gender expectations of what it means to be…

  • Oppenheimer




    Watched in Standard 70mm with my AMC Barbie Corvette popcorn bucket. They should have just released the rumored Fat Man bucket & Little Boy tumbler 🤷🏻‍♂️.

    This… as of this point… is your frontrunner for Best Picture 🏆, ladies & gentlemen. A biopic that is so Nolan-ish that no other directors could possibly make this. In fact, he’s never been so close to winning the Best Director race like this in my opinion. Practical effects, close-up cinematography, chilling sound, inspiring musical score, faithful…