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This review may contain spoilers.

great cast, funny as hell, cute aesthetics and i definitely had a nice time watching it. BUT, the finale was such a disappointment ;( honestly i always get pissed off when since the beginning a character has a goal but at the end they just reject it cuz they’re ‘better people now’x, but i feel like it’s definitely not the target. you can make a film when the main character doesn’t get a redeem, it’s more cathartic. villains are allowed to exist, you know? and in this film almost everyone’s an villain. drea is a 2022 mean girl (and i loved it) and eleanor is a really good psycho. their friendship was never good for each other and i got mad when i saw drea forgiving eleanor cuz ‘she got the best memories with her’ LISTEN GIRL SHE WAS ACTING AND MANIPULATING THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME. damn, she just threatened you with your mom, she ran over you with her car, she was never your friend. and drea, you fucked up sophie turner’s life. that was really bad. oh, drea’s mom was really missing at least in the hospital room. don’t u think so? 

anyway, good film, had a great time, loved drea even when she was a terrifying person, and that’s it.

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