Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★½

This movie is a lot smarter than people are probably going to be willing to give it credit for. Here you have a premise that seems pretty run of the mill with the genre. It’s all in the execution man, and execute it does. Poorly worded sentences aside, this movie is an unabashedly great time. Ready or Not has scenes for people who love genres to bend in spades. One moment you’re gonna be tense because of the situations methodically calculated to laughing because of the relatability of Samara Weaving’s characters reaction to things, or hell anyone’s reaction. 

If you’re looking for something deeper you’re gonna enjoy this all you can eat buffet. Weaving’s character is a normal everyday person joining a class entirely separated from reality. These people enjoy a different set of rules and pampering. This is a movie that tackles the dismantling of the 1% of the 1%. Its also about allowing your family to change with additional members joining. With everyone who becomes family they have their own story and baggage. They also have their own values and traditions. With this coming at your doorstep you are faced with a decision, to let them in or to shut them out. Some make them go through their own abstract tests designed for them to fail or some want to let others in but are obstructed due to tradition. It also touches on if you try to escape the parameters set by your family you might become immediately ostracized for wanting something different. All of these themes whether intentional or not is pretty great to see play out. 

Not to mention the movie is funny as hell. It toes the line of smarmy snarky humor with deadpan interactions. It’s like the filmmakers understand that this might be a bit much for some people to buy into and decide to poke fun at the extremity of it all. Subverting this and doing it well makes it more enjoyable to watch play out. The filmmakers know what it’s like to sit on a couch with friends and watch a bad horror and laugh at the premise, therein they find the comedy to write about. It’s damn funny because of this. 

Ready or Not is the horror comedy we don’t deserve. Even if it has missed opportunities (the ending) it still lands the marks. It helps that you have Weaving to anchor the film with her superb performance.

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