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This review may contain spoilers.

Okay, let me start off by saying this I can't say that I wasn't disappointed by this film because I had no expectations for it. I stayed away from all promotional images for this film because I just didn't care enough to watch it or view it, I knew at some point in the year that I was going to go see it because it's a Star Wars film and that I want to be a part of the conversation. With that being said I didn't hate this film but I wasn't enamored by it either. How can you be when you really don't have expectations for anything like this. You see I like Star Wars but I'm not a die hard fan. I love the original trilogy it's a near and dear to my heart. And when I found out that they were going to be doing a new Trilogy I had to ask myself, why? Of course, besides the obvious reasons of money, why make a new Trilogy of films if the fans themselves already think that the original trilogy is Untouchable and that it is a perfect trilogy? This Trilogy had to meet expectations with audiences. It can't be what the prequels were but it can't get to the level of what the original is because in the minds of these fans it's literally unobtainable. I fall somewhere in the middle. I think a majority of this film works, for the most part, there are a lot of really bad things though there are a lot of really dull moment and there are a lot of plot conveniences. This is pretty standard stuff for a mainstream Hollywood film.

So let me start with the good. Kylo Ren is actually an interesting character this time around they really decided on what direction they wanted him to go in and I really like the direction that he's going in. Rey is it now the main crux of this story, and that's a lot of weight on Daisy shoulders and I think that she handles it fairly well and I really dig the character I really enjoy her on screen. I like Poe Dameron's arc in this film. I also think a lot of the shots in this film are well done there's one scene that really stuck out to me. And that's where we get a dolly shot pushing forward to meeting an important character in the scene it reminds me of something from the film Wings.

The Bad. Killing Snoke is a terrible idea it doesn't help anything and it completely ruins any Intrigue that we had in the first film. Princess Leia somehow floating through space like she's Superman and is never brought up again. Laura Dern's character motivation doesn't make sense because she could have done what she did in the film at any point in time or explain to her crewmates what was happening and it would have solved a lot of confrontation. Luke Skywalker's character arc really doesn't fit the character or fit with the film. It just kind of seems like this plot element that's just thrown in so that way we can have the Jedi end, so that way we can have another aspect of the story continue on with this new era of characters which is okay except for the fact that it doesn't really work because it feels so rushed. Rose is not an interesting character, Roses not fun to watch, Rose doesn't provide anything to the story.

I think that this film is fine for the most part and it works and it does what it wants people to do pleasing the audiences who loved this film, that's fine and dandy it works for those audiences. For me, particularly, I have a lot of issues with the film and I can't really double down on saying that it's that good or it's really that bad I think it's somewhere in the middle and it leaves a lot to be desired. Though no matter what I say or when anyone else says people are going to go see this film people are going to come to their own conclusions about it because it is one of the biggest cultural icons today. So people are just going to find things to nitpick about and complain, while others are going to come up with boisterous claim saying why it's the best Star Wars film, which it isn't. I would say go see it, it might not do what people want but it's something different and I can appreciate that but I don't think it's that great of a film, it works and it does what it's supposed to for the most part and it just operates fine and that's all I really have to say about it is that it just operates fine.


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