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This review may contain spoilers.

this movie exploded me and I will try to write a more cogent, less hot-takey version of this review when I rewatch it, but until then, here's what I have to say: if any of these thoughts occurred to you—

"Leia isn't supposed to be that powerful"
"It should have been Lando instead of Holdo"
"Holdo should have told Poe about her plan"
"Holdo's dress didn't fit her position as Vice-Admiral"
"Holdo ramming the First Order fleet was hypocritical after the way she treated Poe"
"Rey's parents should have been important characters from the Star Wars Expanded Universe"
"There were too many human characters"
"The casino subplot was unnecessary"
"Rose shouldn't have stopped Finn at the end"
"Rose's final line about love was cheesy"
"Rose did anything remotely wrong"
"Kylo Ren is not that bad when you think about it"
"There's no reason for Luke to have become so cynical"
"Luke would never feel that way about the Jedi"
"The motivation for Luke and Kylo's conflict isn't strong enough"
"Nothing interesting happens in the second act"
"The Resistance characters are weak"
"Poe shouldn't have called off the speeders"
"The entire movie is about the characters failing and that's bad"
"There was too much comic relief"
"There were too many women"
"There were too many POC characters"
"This movie was made to please SJWs"
"This movie disrespects the legacy of the original trilogy"
"This movie didn't make any sense"
"Lightspeed doesn't work that way"
"Poe is straight"

—then please unfollow me and reconsider your outlook on the world.

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