Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

Honestly even though I knew all the major plot points ahead of time, I was pretty surprised by what this actually turned out to be, so thorny and complicated. It's kind of bitter and miserable but I respect what it actually is so much more than the pulpy revenge thriller the trailers lied about, even though I might have found that more fun.

Some of the aesthetic choices felt first-movie-ish to me, but Carey Mulligan's performance pulls together all loose threads, and some of them just make the film feel more original and exciting anyway.

I'm holding back because the alternative is taking five hours and writing a big spoiler-y essay. Right now I am still just amazed that I was left with SO MANY thoughts and feelings.

How to say this? I'm...lucky enough to be able to have the personal distance to view most of this movie's ideas as (wild, bold, complex) theory. But I exist as a woman in the world and and am cursed with an imagination that plots out various worst case scenarios for the future, so this movie was only picking at scabs I already was predisposed to pick at. And the films that truly scratch at those things, inevitably messy and infuriating caged-up dark things, hold a special place in my heart for all their chaos. This is one of those.

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