Scream ★★★

I loooooooved this the first time I watched it but on a rewatch, I don’t know why but it just didn’t really work for me as much. I thought the pacing was the biggest issue, most slasher films operate between 80-95 minutes long and having a 110 minute runtime doesn’t feel justified at all here. Still, there’s the solid opening, witty writing and fun performances which saved the film from being a complete chore to sit through.

It’s just odd how despite its bigger budget, huge cultural relevance and coming out sooner, it feels more dated than any of the Elm Street films. Wes clearly had a blast with this franchise and like Elm Street, it’s his baby and is one of the influential horror satires ever put to screen and without it, Behind the Mask, Jennifer’s Body and The Final Girls wouldn’t exist. I’d rather watch those over this but this isn’t a bad film by any means. Also, Matthew Lillard is too good for this world and I adore him so much.

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