A Visitor to a Museum

A Visitor to a Museum ★★★★

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Takes a lot to attention to let all the ideas it presents fully settle, but towards the end, when the films intention becomes clearer and clearer... well, honestly, even more questions arise. I can't help but feel this film, made at the end edge of the cold war is pushing some political views on the the situation in Russia at that time, but even when you keep that idea out of sight, it still remains an incredible and above all unique study of post-apocalyptic possibilities. Where many such films focus on the madness an apocalypse can ensue, Visitor to a Museum pushes that message with a heavily pondering combination of minimalistic setting and religious and sociological thematics. Thus the focus stays a lot on the structure of society as it was in both the past and this disturbing future view, while the plot of the traveling man, seeking for the Museum becomes merely a place to expose these ideas.

It works well but it begs a lot of the viewer, most notably great focus and attention and a couple of rewatches to boot. So this won't be the last time I've watched this peculiar film.

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