Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

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How fitting is it for this trilogy to end with Jesse trying to win back Celine after a long day that finished with a long and tiring fight by tempting her with a story about time travel?

Throughout the trilogy, the theme that held the couples love and all their ideas and ideologies together was the concept of memories and the intense reminiscing of their individual and shared pasts. In this last part their lives have already intermingled so much, after quite a few years of love that they almost entirely could recite each others life stories. Nonetheless, as close as they have grown to each other so far, the intensity that their shared life now encompasses might become too much for them. They contemplate the meaning of their first meeting, their blossoming love and their eventual union as well as the many difficulties that their 18-year adventure has brought with it.

What heightens the tension in this entry the most could easily be summed up as typical 40's struggles of young parents. The addition of two children to the son Jesse already had in Before Sunset has taken the freedom and innocence Jesse and Celine once had away and their familial duties are now taking their toll. The slow build-up adds to this tension as we find more and more breaks in their relationship until it explodes in a wonderfully directed finale with a beautifully soft ending that, once again, reminds the viewer of the past, as we see the joyous and lovable nature of the couple as they were 18 years ago.

Undeniably one of if not the best film-trilogy I've ever seen. The Before Trilogy is a series of films that I could rewatch a thousand times and still find new things to ponder about. MASTERPIECE!!

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