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Calling Happy Together the Hong Kong version of Weekend would be a great understatement. Mainly because Happy Together is a million times better. Anyways...

Wong Kar-Wai's beautiful fetish for cramped spaces seems to reach its max as we spend a lot of time in this one small apartment with our beautiful two leads. What's the story of these two leads? They are in love, off and on, but they are in love and we follow their jumbled relationship as they move from Hong Kong to Argentina in the search for a better life for the two. Their relationship is put to the test as they get involved with other men, turn abusive towards each other and their needs eventually with none but each other. The small living room they share turns into a minuscule theater in which they show both the highs and lows of their relationship, the compassion and the hatred they have for each other.

I hope Wong Kar-Wai never ceases to amaze me with his beautiful craftsmanship, his eclectic stylization and his perfect use of music, but I'm afraid I've seen the best of his so far...

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