Looper ★★★

Definitely not as exciting as I believed it to be when I first saw it. All the more proof that my view on film has changed a lot in the past decade. While the first act is a great set up with an outstanding couple of minutes in the "life-in-a-day"-sequence, the film just meanders like crazy in the 90 minutes that follow it. It's a cat-and-mouse game that's fun for a while but doesn't add the same kind of depth that that first part did. As far as style goes though, Johnson is killing it. The worldbuilding is both defined enough and vague enough to keep you wondering and Johnson puts enough of a unique visual touch to it all to make the film stand out from other mid-budget flicks. Sometimes it's rather obvious camera angles, filters or bits of montage and sometimes it's a twist in the storytelling that feels rather out of place in your typical sci-fi action flick. It could've been more but it's still a fun little gem as it is now.

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