Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★★

What better way to start a love story than with a good old Cage Rage?
What better way to start a David Lynch film than with a good old Cage Rage?
What better way to start a fucked up, hyper sexualized, road-movie thriller directed by David Lynch than with a good. Old. CAGE RAGE?

So this was pretty brilliant! Lynch's take on the ultimate finding true love story by giving us some of the most egocentric creatures of the universe. Cage, as mentioned before, rages through the movie like a tornado, while carrying an undying love for Elvis and his uber-blonde, abused bimbo of a girlfriend, played by Laura Dern in what is probably her best role yet (at least as far as I've seen). They are lovers on the run and they run fucking fast!! Only to get away from her evil, overprotective mother who actually just wants the best for her little daughter. How sweet.

Next to these three we have a whole slew of caricatural Lynchian characters, ranging from mentally ill Crispin Glover to John Waters look-a-like Willem Dafoe, in equally Lynchian scenes, from long lasting shots of fire to long lasting scenes of never-ending, very colorful lovemaking, with beautiful Lynchian symbolism, ranging from a snakeskin jacket that represents a symbol of Cage's... ahem... I mean, Sailor's own individuality and his belief in personal freedom to the FUCKING WIZARD OF OZ!! Oh dear Good Witch, this is a film like no other. A tale of FUCKING LOVE you'll never forget!!

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