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This review may contain spoilers.

I genuinely want to know all the things that don't exist anymore in the Yesterday-universe because as it stands now, in chronological order, they're "missing" cigarettes, Coca Cola, The Beatles, Oasis and Harry Potter and... ugh... I'm dying to know the connections between those things. Because, I mean, that's how history works right? It's an endless motion of cause and effect. So somewhere in the depths of history some silly little neutron got misplaced and created this highly specific, slightly differing alternate timeline and I want to see the madness of it all unraveled asap!!

In all seriousness though, this film is soooo weird! Leaving the oddities of the whole concept aside, it just moves in the most awkward way. It wants to be a clever, little romcom but Danny Boyle's hyperactive style of filmmaking and the more lowkey charm of Richard Curtis writing clash so hard it just becomes an absolute oddity. Before the main character has even gotten the chance to realize he's the only person on earth who remembers the Beatles' songs, he's already on his way to becoming a massive pop star.

Oooooh and that scene with old John! What was up with that?!? Robert Carlyle under that heavy make-up! I swear, I laughed so hard when he opened the door! But not even because it was especially funny, but because it just felt so strange, so jarring!

Oooph... I'm definitely gonna have this film stick in my mind till the end of time because it is, undoubtedly, one of the strangest big-budget productions I've seen in a long, long time!!

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