Eternals ★★★★

i was expecting to read bad reviews about this film and i was right. i understand where most of them comes from. firstly, this is the beginning of phase 4, a brand new universe with new faces. these are the characters that most comic book readers know about where typical mcu watchers don’t, so there’s confusion. secondly, jack kirby’s sophisticated and nuanced characters on screen do not fit into mcu’s generic idea of a superhero. we don’t see manly beasts with ripped bodies or sexy chicks with latex bodysuits as eyecandies. what we have is a superhero film with soul. each character is it’s own person with their devotion to their purpose but they become human as they help them grow. i do think this is cinematically the best mcu film, thanks to chloe zhao and her magic, and i don’t think people realize how zhao’s impact is apparent throughout the film. there’s no mindless action to keep the audience entertained, you start a journey as the film rolls and it’s a beautiful experience. 

the touch of chloe zhao turns eternals to be a non-typical mcu film that saves it from the repetitiveness of it, and i’m all here for that.

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