Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

First, a lesson. I have found that, for many of life's situations (including seeing movies), it's all about circumstances and perspective. When I saw this last month, I ended up sitting with a group of people who I'd say I am....casual friends with. Not super close, but not just acquaintances. And, bless them all, they're nice people, but they really like to talk. And talk. And talk. Off and on. Throughout the entire movie. It didn't completely ruin my experience, but it didn't help. And that probably impacted my feelings on the movie more than it should have, which is why I'm big on ALWAYS giving movies a second chance, under different circumstances. Here endeth the first part of the lesson.

I enjoyed this significantly more the second time. The things that bothered me last month don't seem like as big of a deal and the things that I liked became things that I now love. Seeing it as an entire year has just come to a close really shed some new light on this story for me. And here begins the second part of the lesson. It's all about perspective. Bear with me, because I'm going to come at this from a different kind of angle.

I think THE LAST JEDI is a mirror of 2017. I think it's reflective of a time in history when things began to look pretty dire, and a resistance was needed more than ever before. It was a time when the strongest, most impassioned voices were the voices of the oppressed. Women were the ones demanding change and people of color were the ones calling out injustices. What better way to show that on screen than to have a woman be the one saving everyone's asses when it looked like hope was lost? What a powerful thing to see someone who used to be a lowly, nameless Stormtrooper stand up to and defeat his former boss. Of course it was a woman who ignored the advice of someone who would theoretically "know better" to follow her own instinct. And at the end, when there are so few left standing, the next generation remains.

But this time, the thing that got to me the most, that actually made me choke up was not a big, heroic deed, or a battle won, but a private exchange between two women, two iconic actresses who have been childhood heroes to so many of us:

"So many losses. I can't take another."
"Sure you can. You taught me how."

And she did, didn't she?

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