Allied ★★★

I can't sleep so I put something on netflix, the decision to watch this was made at 3 am, so maybe it was a questionable choice made in desperate times. I honestly thought it would be boring, and sleep-inducing, but I actually enjoyed it much more than I expected so here I am at 5am still awake. I wish that there was more dramatic focus on the actual is-she-a-spy part, cause that's like, what the movie is about, but it's not really that crazy or mysterious. it's more of a straight narrow road to the end of the movie, and I think I would've preferred a bit more of a maze. also i don't think brad pitt smiled once in this film, but I was watching it sort of on my side, lay down, so maybe he did smile and I couldn't tell. also also, were cars really like that? were the doors really backwards? god that was weird. weirdest thing i've seen all day, and I watched Us earlier.