Her ★★★★½

There are so many thoughts in my head right now and only 7 percent battery on my phone. I think this is a beautiful film, a very strange concept, yet not strange at all. I would never call myself a romantic, usually films focused on love are not my cup of tea because I have an extremely low cringe threshold (this film DID tug on that so there was a few-second skips here and there), but I find this to be delightful. It is one of those movies where the music makes a huge impact without you noticing in the moment, it sort of envelopes you and at the end you have to climb back out and realise you're sat in 2017, single, on your couch eating half a cupcake that you split with your sister. I'm sure it's no secret the cinematography is wonderful, I'm an absolute sucker for blurred lights and city skylines. The script was beautiful, like real conversations humans have (despite a good third of it ironically coming from an operating system, which I guess was the point), something I appreciate in a film, feeling as though these are real events taking place and I'm sat in the corner of his apartment just watching it. This is getting very soppy so I'm gonna have to end this on a stupid note because I have a careless sarcastic reputation to uphold (to myself) so let's just say there's a character called Isabella in this so let's add that to the list of times I've heard a celebrity say my name and my ears have perked up like a puppy.

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