I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★

I don’t have any witty observations or anything so I’m just gonna actually be mildly professional and say what I thought of the movie :) (shocking)

First of all, everybody acted their asses off. Secondly, the soundtrack wasn’t something I even anticipated - never crossed my mind - but was riddled with absolute bangers. Thirdly, the cgi everyone’s been talking about wasn’t as bad as I expected but I get it, her body had a weird glow about it like it’d been too airbrushed against a not-airbrushed background. (Fourthly?) I’ve been excited about this for a while because a movie with both Margot and Sebastian: what more could I want? So maybe I’m biased but I definitely enjoyed it! The subject matter might not be for everyone but they do try to make the story as interesting as they can, it’s not just about the whole scandal it really delves into her personal life and her background. (Fifthly? sounds so wrong) It was at times a bit hard to watch but that’s the reality of it. I personally didn’t feel they were trying to make her abuse funny which I think is something some may have been worried about due to the genre/tone of the film which I completely get and it could’ve been handled very wrong. But how you feel is up to you to decide (obviously), my opinion on those scenes may be wildly different to yours because we’re different people (obviously again) and have different experiences. They did upset me a bit to watch because the people in her life were so hard on her but I think it was important to show to really understand the characters and most of all how Tonya felt. But I definitely would recommend watching it! I had a good time with it and I’m impressed! Also, surprisingly I’m not gonna put this in my list of films that made me care about a sport I don’t care about because figure skating is actually really cool and I give more of shit about it than, say, baseball or tennis. So you win this time Craig! Or maybe you didn’t. I don’t know how to interpret that.

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