Jackie ★★★★★

'Jackie' is simply amazing. This time around I took more notice of the little things. For example, and this is just my brain going off the tracks, and it really means nothing, but for me, the small, high pitched flute-like notes in some tracks of the score match not only the text on the poster, which wraps around her like notes from a flute floating through the air, but they also remind me of Jackie herself and her presence. She walks like a small flute note through the air, through the White House. Her pink clothing among all the black suits, like a higher pitch. Among all the men and women with matching hair and height and posture, and the wooden desks and flags, she stands out, like those tiny flute-sounding notes above the lower ones that drone and then stop abruptly. The flute notes, the flute-notes-like font and flute-notes-like Jackie altogether give this film a completely different atmosphere to what it could have been, to what a movie might have been had it focused on JFK himself, instead of her. That movie would've matched the lower notes, a bolder font, a darker suit. But this movie flutters through my ears and in front of my eyes, like Jackie does, roaming the corridors of the house alone to music from Camelot. I am taken by this movie throughout, it carries me to the end like those notes through the air.

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