Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

The things people have said about this film, the 100% Rotten Tomatoes score (for a while - bitter), the overwhelming amount of Lady Bird icons on all sites; were all justified. There is no disappointment in this film. This is something good, something really really good. It's a simple premise, something so many teenagers who are living through it and grown ups who have lived through it can relate to. Sometimes it's good to have a film, a story, that isn't hard to understand. We can reach to the ends of our minds and pull out the most convoluted and revolutionary ideas to make movies out of, or to write books about in order to feel like we're doing something new. But sometimes a film doesn't need to be far away from reality to amaze us. Sometimes covering the visceral parts of our lives can give us the same shock, anticipation, emotion. Subjects like school, sex, family, friendship. They're so obviously close to everyone that we forget to talk about them sometimes. A lot of the time I don't like to think about school, university, the shocking lack of friends I have, my relationship with my mum. And I try to tell myself it doesn't matter, we're floating on a rock in space and we eat stuff like peanut butter and time isn't real and literally nothing matters, you don't need to get into university to live, the oxygen will still be there after you read the rejection letter. I could spend hours, days, years trying to distance myself from reality and thinking about my responsibilities because it's all just much too overwhelming. But sometimes, a film like this brings me back down to Earth. And I'm not mad about it. I'm glad this film reminded me of my own situation, I'm glad that halfway through I thought "oh fuck I need to make that digital portfolio don't I?" I'm glad it made me think about the time I've been having with college, the crying, the stress, the small dance parties in my auntie's cafe as we ignore all the filming we have to do, the laughing at my friend trying to make a sandwich because he literally plays a sandwich shop employee but can't make a sandwich to save his life (casting choices were limited). I am so so grateful for how this movie reminded me of myself. I am grateful for the parts I could relate to, the parts I couldn't, the parts that may come in my future. I think this movie will stay this way for a long time, there are parts of it that will relate to people forever, no matter how we change in the future, even if we do get floating cars and shit. This movie will make me feel this way for a while, I'm almost sure of it. To me, this movie deserves all the praise it has gotten, is getting and will get.

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