not to be fake deep but to see a twitter mutual (margot) with a love of films like mine, like all of ours’, who I’ve watched express this love for a while, create something of her own so wonderful really makes me so proud and content. it gives me this warm feeling because it reminds me that we can do it if we really try hard, if we really want to. i don’t know for myself, but it gives me this hope that my friends (in real life or online) who are so in love with films and the idea of making them can do it and succeed and make something as beautiful as the films they love and log and tweet about. it’s something that usually seems so far away (like a pipe dream!) but watching this short film gave me a nice decent bit of hope. it might take a long time and a lot of work and it might not be accessible right now but i really hope all of you who wish to make films do succeed because i want nothing more than to see you guys do the thing you love and be able to spend your time happy (that was gross but i mean it). anyway, lazarus was wonderfully shot and executed as a whole and im immensely impressed with margot and everyone involved and immensely proud that they made this. congratulations guys!

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