Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★★

The shot at the end where Kathy turns around and those two perfect tears have fallen on either side of her face, and there’s a twinkle in her eyes in a soft pink light is so beautiful you don’t know what hit you. I don’t know why I gave this four stars last time, it reminds me why I love films, why I spend so much time watching them and wishing I could be in them and listening to songs that make me feel like I am. I wish I could see this in a cinema in a room full of people laughing and singing and shouting at the screen for an encore at the end, dressed up in suits and gowns to sit in a chair for two hours and then go home. This film is just magical! I never considered myself to be a fan of the classics, or older movies in general, but sometimes a film like this comes along and just proves me wrong. This has so much fun. I hope to watch it for years to come as I get older, and as it too gets older and only becomes more of a classic. Oh, and I still stand by my first review - Gene Kelly does not close his legs once in this film.

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