Eternals ★★★

i...don't know how i'm supposed to feel about this all. all and all, it's safe to say ETERNALS is hands down the most divisive film that has ever come out of the mcu, and it's very clear to me why. part of me believes critics were, and still are, a little too harsh on chloé zhao's ETERNALS, however, i also think it does deserve some of the backlash it's gotten for quite a few reasons. on a positive note, i'd also like to add the fact that this may also be one of (if not the) most visually stunning marvel movies, for it includes a handful of breathtaking visuals that make up for a rather unusual narrative structure, and this movie's very strong cast and great characters certainly makes of ETERNALS just a bit better, and the experience a lot more enjoyable too. but i think my biggest problems with ETERNALS rely on how often the movie gets to feel so flavorless and shallow, as well as how hard and conflicting it is because of much it tries to be both a different, more standalone marvel movie yet to also another one of the bunch. overall, ETERNALS is...weird. it's not the film i was expecting, but for the wrong reasons, yet one i just can't stop thinking about. how...weirdly interesting, ETERNALS really is

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