Blue Valentine ★★★★½

Simultaneously devastating yet emotionally heartwarming. A rather simple narrative analyzing the hardships of marriage and the consequences of irrational decisions; Blue Valentine managed to tap this emotion inside me that a romance cannot typically be accessed. There is nothing different or unconventional about the film by any means. Gosling meets Williams. They fall in love, get married and have a child. One thing leads to the next and tensions begin to rise between these two individuals. The film swaps back and forth between the present condition of their marriage and flashbacks of the beginning of their relationship which is used to characterize their romance. The film climaxes with a verbal/physical altercation and Gosling walks away in the end. 

As I said earlier, nothing overtly unusual or original about the narrative. But instead what makes the film so great, is the A-list acting. Gosling's career was really beginning to turn around at the time of this film's release as he would follow up this masterpiece with Nicolas Winding Refn's tour deforce, Drive (2011), then followed by Crazy Stupid Love (2011) and The Ides of March (2011) in the very same year. Since then, Gosling has continued to prove his talent in other A-list films like Nice Guys and La La Land. Gosling's character in Blue Valentine, Dean, is a simple man who cares for his family. Dean do not strive in school but instead pursued laborious jobs in order to support him and his later wife Cindy (Williams). ........ unfinished review..........

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