The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games ★★★★★

I forgot how well-made this film is. I was the biggest Hunger Games fangirl when I was 18 and now I remember why I loved the characters so much (in the books and film).

Being a THG fangirl, my friend and I lined up at a live show in Toronto at 6am (the show started at 5pm) — where we were randomly chosen to sit inside the TV studio right behind Josh Hutcherson (my huge crush at the time), Liam Hemsworth, and Alexander Ludwig. We had a whole TV spot and everything on how big fans we were of the series LOL... I still cringe to this day when I watch the video back but I’m still proud of that moment because out of all people, we were the ones chosen! 

I guess you could say... the odds were in our favour 😂

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