Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★★½


Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is not the original by any means. There are parts of this where you can tell that they had to adapt to the schedules of their stars. And you can tell that this was kind of slapped together last minute by the ways it contradicts some of the events in the first one.


Even with all of that said, this had me in an euphoric state all during its runtime. Just like it’s predecessor it’s genuinely a good time from start to finish. It’s so campy, but why it works is that everyone involved seems to be having the time of their lives with this film and it’s material. The songs are fun (though not as fun as the original soundtrack. The choreography and musical numbers are energetic and fun, and I wanted to get up and dance with them. The locations are picturesque and I want to visit Greece even worse now.

The cast is fine. And I’m so happy that ten years later and Pierce Brosnan still hasn’t learned how to carry a tune at all. Cher was a pleasant addition, but her role felt for “Cher” than anything else. The younger additions are nice, though I really just wanted more of the original cast.


I just KNEW they were killing of Meryl Streep’s Donna, I KNEW. The way the trailers were edited it was almost a giveaway. But I was still optimistic that it wasn’t. But of course I was right. And my main takeaway from Here We Go Again is that if/when Meryl Streep actually passes, I will be in complete hysterics. As my gay ass was crying the moment Ghost Donna appeared until they were all dancing in the aftercredits scene.


But like I said this was just a great time throughout. And it was probably the best time I had in theaters this year so far. So yeah, let’s keep making these. And since continuity isn’t a concern obviously, let’s resurrect Donna in the third one and have only duets with her and Cher, okay?