The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★½

Between a 9 and 10

I feel as though this is the culmination of every stylistic quirk and storytelling device Wes has tackled in all his other films - the offbeat, dry humour, the brilliant production design, the symmetry, that distinct 'quirky' tone that's evolved throughout his body of work, and how comforting they each feel despite actually being very dark a lot of the time (Tenenbaums and suicide/dysfunctional families, Fantastic Mr. Fox and threat of death, Rushmore/Moonrise Kingdom and doomed romantic relationships, Darjeeling Limited and estranged family). Not only is the story really entertaining as well but the characters are all super easy to love and root for, even though they can do/say some despicable things. Oh yeah and Ralph Fiennes gives one of the best comedic performances maybe ever. Fucking loved him in this.

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