Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★½

''Crazy Keith, are you crazy for Jesus? are you jacked up on Jesus?''

This is my first time re-watching 'Spring Breakers' since seeing it twice in cinemas, although I have watched the 'Everytime' scene about 10,000 times (constant Y'all), and my reaction to Harmony Korine's social commentary on the desensitization of the American dream is still the same, I fucking love it.

'Spring Breakers' is a neon filled, sun tanned nightmare which sees Korine flourish and create something so bold and abstract that it's almost impossible to forget, weather you love it or not.

James Franco is absolutely fucking remarkable as Alien. He shed any preconceptions you may have about him and gives a performance that is so unlike anything you've ever seen. Robbed of an Oscar nom, in my opinion.

I love 'Spring Breakers', films so divisive and unique don't come along very often. Korine is a truly unique and brilliant figure in American cinema. Has any film captured the essence of the 21st century quite like this one? I think not!

Spring Break forever

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