Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

Film #51 of the December Challenge 2

''Oh, wake up, Norma, you'd be killing yourself to an empty house. The audience left twenty years ago.''

Billy Wilder's classic and cynical portrait of Hollywood and it's ''chew 'em up, spit 'em up'' treatment of stars, is still as effective now as ever. Incredible on all levels, 'Sunset Blvd' is the definitive film about movie-making, no film has ever really portrayed the highs and lowest of lows of the movie business. Gloria Swanson gives an unparalleled performance as fading film star, Norma Desmond. William Holden & Erich von Stroheim are truly incredible as well.

A 110%, bonafide, classic masterpiece. There is nothing I can say about 'Sunset Blvd' that will do it justice, one of the greatest films of all time and it gets even better on repeat viewings.

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