Skyfall ★★★★½

so good. best bond movie. one of the best opening sequences of all time imo. it’s so much fun. distinctly remember pirating this movie on when i was like 9 and constantly rewinding and rewatching the first 15 minutes cuz the buffering was terrible, but now i know like every shot of the whole sequence from memory, so it’s worth it. also the musics so good too. 

yes it’s kinda just a copy and paste of the dark knight with some bond movie stuff sprinkled on, but it’s a good template to copy and it works rlly well imo! the pacing never rlly drags, the set pieces are great, javier bardem is rlly great (i feel like it could’ve been easy for them to just be like hey javier just do anton chigur again, which is prolly why they hired him, but im glad he did something kinda different here.).

i think craig’s at his best here, he’s tired and he had a five o’clock shadow and he’s kinda crazy and unhinged, and i think that’s when his bond works best, cuz he’s kinda a psychopath. 

also note on the cinematography: yes it’s beautiful and puts most all modern blockbusters to shame because of it, but i just wanna give a quick shoutout to how good this movie looks on digital! its sleek and modern and colorful and rlly pretty to look at and u wouldn’t be able to get that specific look if you didn’t shoot on digital and i think it’s dumb that like both specter and no time to die back peddled and were shot on film. like no, stick w the program, if roger deakins thinks bond should be in digital, bond should be in digital!

idk this is great and fun and one of my comfort movies. very fun seeing it in a theatre for the first time despite the fact that a couple was loudly hooking up in the row behind me. #rude

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