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  • Grass



    Improved on second viewing, to the point where I kind of wanted to see it again the moment it ended. Anyway, until a possible third viewing, here's the A.V. Club review, excerpted below:

    ... Given its focus on Kim’s flâneur-ish observer, Grass plays like Hong’s spin on the centerpiece scene of José Luis Guerín’s In The City Of Sylvia, in which a man sits at a café, distracted in his search for a woman by all the beauty around him—which…

  • High Life

    High Life


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Denis’ apparent insistence on the shape of the spacecraft-cum-prison seems less motivated by practicality (for the special effects team) than by a desire for conceptual rigour: a literal black box subject to “constant acceleration” and flung into the far reaches of space—a prison of perpetual motion in which the drives of sex and death, untethered from the rest of humanity, are collapsed into meaningless, flailing grasps into the void (the “fuck box” offers but the most literal example). The space…

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  • Primer



    Man, do you wanna watch Primer? I haven't seen it since later this afternoon.

  • Us



    Given Get Out’s overall conceit, it's understandable that most are inclined to take this follow-up on a strictly metaphorical/allegorical level—but Peele's script practically makes a mockery of such readings, viz. the too-neat coincidences that Adelaide observes as the “un-tethering” approaches, so it's still strange that this film has gotten charges of strained self-importance. When a movie includes a single reference to Jeremiah 11:11, sure. But when it underlines that reference multiple times, with presumably the same man, thirty years on,…