The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

Antonio Campos’s newest film, The Devil All the Time is an extremely well paced film with a unique view on religion and its effects on people of all kind. In this film, Campos focuses on multiple different characters living through their own trials and tribulations, each of them intertwined with each other. 

The story, albeit not very challenging, had some really well deserved payoffs as well as some interesting reincorporation throughout the film. Many of the characters presented all have their own justifications of their actions, much of which is tried to a deep sense of religion. The narration, which could’ve been dialed back a bit, helped greatly with pacing out the story, jumping to different points in time, going from character to character.

The cinematography, score, and lighting never reached a point where they were the main focus of a scene and this made sense since none of these aspects would have carried the movie since its very plot driven. The score, in the beginning mostly, was used way too much and made some very vital moments in the story feel repetitive and bland. 

Even though there were some weaker aspects of the film, I still felt like the screenplay pacing and the all star cast made up for it. Robert Pattinson, Harry Melling, and Bill Skarsgård in particular had some great performances that elevated any scene where they were the focus. It’s not a masterpiece by any means, but I think that The Devil All the Time is worth checking out.

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