Nope ★★★★½

Another intellectual genre exercise from Peele, who turns his hand at a Spielbergian mashup of western, sci-fi and horror, which feels specifically designed as catnip to film nerds everywhere.

As well as being a supremely entertaining ride from one the most assured horror directors of our time, there’s also so many delicious threads about film itself - The original black cowboy, the battle of analogue VS digital, the spectacle of Hollywood filmmaking versus its inherently exploitative practices, the ecstasy of creating images and how quickly it turns to obsession.

Crazy to me that people are happy seeing this anywhere other than IMAX. Physically having to look up into the sky as the screen opens (alongside our heroes doing the same) is an experience I won’t soon forget. Not only highlighting the awe-inspiring, colossal scale of the breathtaking landscapes, but also what might be hiding within them.

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