Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★★

Holy shit! This was everything I was hoping for. 

Truly unlike any other Scream film, it was scarier and more brutal than any other film in the franchise. There are plenty of callbacks to all 5 former Scream films for the diehard fans to enjoy although I feel like the meta horror references were lacking.

This film really made me grow on the core four and I really enjoyed all of their characters (yes, including Sam) in this and thought all their character arcs were taken in an interesting direction. It was fun seeing legacy characters like Gale and Kirby back even if they didn’t have huge roles. I didn’t really think the new characters were used to their full potential but I’m fine with them being relegated to side characters to see more of our iconic core four.

I thought the bodega, subway and ladder scenes were some of the highlights of the film and they were some of the most suspenseful moments of not just this movie but the whole franchise.

And then the ghostface reveal… It was so much fun! Everything post reveal was so good (especially because I guessed what the killer’s motive would be 🤭).

Anyway, I have plenty more things to say in a spoilery review that will come when I rewatch hopefully in the next few days. But believe the hype! It’s pretty excellent.

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