WandaVision ★★★★½

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I’ve held off on writing a review on Wandavision until now, when I’ve seen every episode. I know it’s a TV show but in my view, if something’s on Letterboxd and I’ve seen it, then I’ll log it.

I’ve always found Wanda and Vision to be super underrated, and perhaps under-utilised in the MCU so I was highly anticipating this series, even though I don’t watch a lot of TV.

I absolutely loved the first half of Wandavision, in fact I watched the first five episodes twice when my sister was catching up. I loved all the styles it was taking on, I loved all the questions it was posing. I thought it was funny, exciting, weird film-making. The characters that were brought in (Monica, Darcy and Jimmy) were awesome, and felt like they had a purpose, which became somewhat dwindled by the end.

This leads me on to my only major criticism for Wandavision, its pacing lets it down in a huge way. It poses too many questions at the start that don’t get answered, and opens too many exciting, potential avenues and as the last episode was approaching, and it still seemed like there was a lot of loose ends that needed tying, it became clear that it would simply not get to them all, at least not in a satisfying enough way.

I do wish I had at least taken note of my thoughts on a weekly basis, as I’m aware that this review makes it appear as though I think Wandavision was somewhat mediocre. In reality, I loved it. I think the ending brought it down a little but considering it was the first attempt of TV in the MCU, it really could’ve gone a hell of a lot worse. I hope The Falcon and the Winter Soldier can build on that, whilst still being its own unique entity in the Universe as it moves forward.

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