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This review may contain spoilers.

Somehow both better and worse than I remembered but I would DEFINITELY watch it a third time. I also wanna watch all of the other John Wick movies again. Just marathon the movie series that managed to build a fascinating and sort of fantastical world where a secret order of assassins has established a parallel society, including private hotels, a currency, blood-oaths and complex internal hierarchies. Also there's an honour codex, obviously.

Even though these movies center around a man, one man, John Wick, and the main antagonists are mostly male, I appreciate that there are female assassins who are not overly sexualised and are shown to be skilled at what they do, which is ruthlessly kill people. That's something that distinguishes these movies from other action flicks - even though the first one definitely has some sexism and sexist undertones (also a fridged wife), women are never Sexy Lamps. The bar is on the ground but this movie series passes and, as it goes on, it does so with more and more flying colours. My expectations for the fourth movie are high but for the first time, I actually think the movie can live up to them.

We played a drinking game while watching so I am not only tired but also tipsy so I apologise for my ramblings.

Still don't get the stylised subtitles.

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