LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International

LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International


14th LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International
27 April – 2 May 2021

#LFFI2021 #LichterLiebe


LICHTER's small anniversary // Ninth edition of LICHTER Filmfest

In the ninth LICHTER year, there is a small anniversary: For the fifth time, we are showing an international program on a special theme in addition to the showcase of regional filmmaking. It has never been more topical than this time: "Borders". In Europe, border fences are being erected again. The fate of millions of people depends on border lines that were arbitrarily drawn on the drawing board by two diplomats in London one hundred years ago. Just how dramatically…

Anyone who survives the proverbial seventh year unscathed can justifiably hope for a good future // Eighth edition of LICHTER Filfmest

For the past seven years, we have accompanied filmmaking in Frankfurt, Rhine-Main and Hesse with an important part of our program. Our message has always been clear: there is a lot of potential for good cinema in this region - there are filmmakers, critics, film institutions and enthusiasts, and all kinds of interesting things to talk about. In short, all the ingredients are there for what marketing German likes to call a "location". Since the first year at ATELIERFRANKFURT, we…

LICHTER does not live on numbers // Seventh edition of LICHTER Filfmest

LICHTER does not live on numbers, but on the spirit that a community of cinema enthusiasts musters year after year to put film culture at the center of the region's cultural life for just under a week. Last year, however, this spirit also manifested itself in numbers. With almost 10,000 visitors and 16 sold-out screenings, LICHTER can claim to have arrived not only as a regional but also as an international film festival.

I don't want to live in a city whose only cultural achievement is that you can turn left on a red light // Sixth edition of the LICHTER Filmfest

"I don't want to live in a city whose only cultural achievement is that you can turn left on a red light." - With these words Woody Allen describes the deficits that Los Angeles had in the 70s from a New York perspective. With the 6th LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International, we would like to defend art and cinema as urban achievements, just like Woody Allen. In addition to thirty regional feature films and short films in competition, we will be…

Looking Back & Looking Forward Five years of LICHTER Filmfest! // Fifth LICHTER Filmfest

Looking Back & Looking Forward Five years of LICHTER Filmfest! A good moment to pause, look back and look forward: I look back on five festival years full of continuity and innovation, which have provided a lively, sustainable and expandable platform for filmmakers in the Rhine-Main region. During these years, the LICHTER audience has always been able to enjoy a varied and high-caliber film and supporting program, which has grown with each year both in terms of quality and in the…