Alita: Battle Angel ★★★½

"Hollywood has spent years trying to gentrify anime for American audiences. The last decade is littered with miscarriages from this mostly misguided effort to make manga flesh again: Dragonball: Evolution, Death Note, Ghost in the Shell. Alita: Battle Angel, an adaptation of the Japanese manga Gunnm, seemed like it might be yet another death in the water when its trailer first premiered over a year ago. Initial viewers criticized the protagonist’s over-large, inhuman anime eyes; multiple delays and the name “Robert Rodriguez” didn’t necessarily signal good news either. I am happy to report, then, that Alita: Battle Angel is one of the most refreshing Hollywood blockbusters of the last half-decade, an imaginative and engaging attempt to introduce a new intellectual property to the movie-going public."

Put together a few words about one of the best blockbusters I've seen in awhile over at CINEMATARY. Other people have written smart things about this movie but I thought I'd endorse it too!!

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