Police Story

Police Story ★★★★½

u might say that chaplin and keaton were the masters of screen comedy and nobody else could ever touch them, but unlike jackie chan, chaplin and keaton never Moonwalked cow shit off their converse. forget herzog, jackie chan is a true solider of cinema; every outtake in the blooper reel is just him getting escorted to the hospital. few others have given so much for CINEMA. that man's body has healed so many times over that he must be a mutant. the restoration is so gorgeous, the color of jackie's sweaters truly pops, and every shatter of glass and gut punch and car crash is as intoxicatingly loud as it should be. not sure how i've seen over 50 or 60 movies from hong kong and i still hadn't seen this but i'm honestly glad i waited. this movie makes me want to break every bone in my body!!!! (the only bad part is that jackie is so mean and ungrateful to maggie cheung!! also he's a cop but he's the only good cop ever)

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