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  • The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ

    The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ


    I read the Gospel of John on Easter Sunday this year.

    I'm not religious. But, I had that Sunday morning free, and I'd recently taught a lesson on the historical Jesus, so I decided "why not?" The Gospel of John was not like my memory of the gospel story; at least not in form. My memory had been tainted by our collective, default way of telling the story: Bethlehem, carpentry apprenticeship, miracles aplenty, trouble brewing among the Sadducees, death, resurrection.…

  • The Book

    The Book

    Sam C. Mac Book

  • Rehearsals for Retirement

    Rehearsals for Retirement


    Let's Play! David Lynch & Steven Spielberg

  • Crossroad



    Let's Play! Edward Hopper & René Magritte

  • The Fountainhead

    The Fountainhead


    Hudson Yards

  • Inventor Crazybrains and His Wonderful Airship

    Inventor Crazybrains and His Wonderful Airship


    elon musk

  • East Coast, West Coast

    East Coast, West Coast


    This can be used a litmus test for how cynical you are about the art world based on how much you respond "Fuck, they really nailed it."

    Let's all just read a book by the river or the mountains or whatever and call it even.

  • Spiral Jetty

    Spiral Jetty


    I imagine that Smithson is pretty curious about what he's done here. After all, why else would he include that shot of the runner making his way around the whole work other than to find out timing, stability, rhythm, and whether or not a participant might fall down? Despite Smithson's meticulous mapping and dry narration, there's a fun improvisation here. How does this work? How do people move around it? What might happen from here?

    James Benning's casting a glance

  • Swamp



    Wandering, wondering ... There's no confidence in either of their voices. But it's just a small thicket?

    Lots of memories came flooding back for me while watching this, even if this wasn't shot near my particular bayou swamp. I'd look down for snakes the whole time. There's lots of snakes out there in swampland, and some can send you to the hospital; some can kill you. Smithson and Holt don't talk about that, but they're walking at that looking-for-snakes pace.…

  • Stranded in Canton

    Stranded in Canton


    Canton is where I used to go to Waffle House, usually around 3 AM. A teenage line cook wearing Hot Topic leather-and-spikes told me and my friends that he was gonna step out for some smokes and kill himself. Canton's economy has been largely restructured by the Nissan plant that recently tried (and failed) to unionize. It's still filled with these weirdos.

  • Un matrimonio interplanetario

    Un matrimonio interplanetario


    Space Catholics!

  • The Action Art of Hermann Nitsch from Past to Present

    The Action Art of Hermann Nitsch from Past to Present


    "In the etymological sense of the word, sacrifice is nothing other than the production of sacred things. From the very first, it appears those sacred things are constituted by an operation of loss..." — Georges Bataille

    Nitsch, the most religious artist of the beginning of the secular age, only used ritual, sacrifice, and feeble bodies in his work. He built a decades-in-the-making flesh cathedral and invited us in with: "God is somewhere in there."