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  • Hotel Mumbai

    Hotel Mumbai


    Hotel Mumbai tells the story of 2008’s horrific islamic attacks on the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, India, their guests and employees will to survive and the consequences o fundamentalist terrorism. it’s an exhilarating and suspenseful rollercoaster of survival that leaves you hoping every single person makes kt out alive.

    Dev Patel shines in this film, he has a lot of deep moments of bravery and guilt while being an employee under the direction of Anupam Kher where the kitchen staff…

  • High Life

    High Life


    if Ex Machina, Alien, and 2001 A Space Odyssey had a distant cousin, it would be High Life. ex criminals are sent to space to live on a spacecraft and become living experiments for artificial insemination and to create new life (at least that was my Interpretation) but there isn’t much detail about whether these people would be returning to earth (or any other galaxy) for that matter and the overall mood of High Life is deep seeded misery and…

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  • Mid90s



    Mid90’s took my spot for “movie of the year” yesterday after I saw it. it’s a beautiful story, a love letter to the underlooked suburban settings of los angeles and it’s such a well written coming age story with skateboarding as it’s backbone.

    shot on 16mm Kodak, Mid90’s glows. the grit and hue add such a cool element to this film. it feels warm and consistently like a summer break. the black concrete, store fronts, traffic, potholes and packs of…

  • Roma



    an absolute perfectly executed masterpiece of human emotion, loss and family. beautiful in every way and even better the second time around.