Combat Obscura ★★★★

Camera Obscura is a horrifying, human, infuriating, deeply saddening and disgusting documentary filmed in Afghanistan by Miles Lagoze from 2011-2012. at the opening of this film I thought to myself how familiar it was to me because of a similar doc I had seen years prior called “Restrepo”. 

I was prepared (so I thought) to see a uncensored and unhinged documentary filmed by the hands of the United States Marine Corp but Camera Obscura are outtakes and a series of cut film from a project but mostly b-roll from what was running when people forgot they were being recorded.

the things you see and hear (extremely loudly, this showing made my ears ring) and the jarring experiences you’ll get from this documentary I think are important and moving but so proufoundly anti-human. I will never watch this again.

it’s very obvious and clear that Marine’s and most of them people shown in this film don’t believe in what they’re doing, or have any idea why they are doing it but the deep seeded hatred and rage for the Afghani people is a trait that all of these marines have deceloped on this deployment.

the worst part about this film is understanding that no one needs to die and that we are in this now approaching seventeen year conflict for nothing but oil. this documentary further solidified how ashamed I am to see the pain and misery the united states inflicts on innocent people.

“there is no flag big enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”