Midsommar ★★½

Midsommer suffers from trying to take a completely ordinary and normal concept about closure, separation, loss and grief and then transforms it into an overly saturated trauma filled gore fest with “deeper meaning” that gets lost in translation and misses its mark. very reminiscent of Aronofsky’s “mother!” (which I absolutely fucking hated). it felt way too completely overboard about making its points while painted in this overexposed and extra sunny haze. it was shot well, i’ll give it that. Hereditary was far superior but that film was also very far from perfect. I don’t think Ari Aster is my director.

look, I understand. Dani (Florence Pugh) is dealing with some extremely hard circumstances but her story and small bit of background we experienced was more interesting than almost the rest of this entire film. her performance goes almost unnoticed because the rest of the film was dull. to me, this film is about closure and a rebirth after dealing with extreme trauma but, choosing this style form was a mistake, in my opinion of course. also, Dani’s boyfriend (Jack Reynor) is such a unbelievably boring actor to watch. I am dumbfounded on this casting choice. his performance was about as interesting as watching grass grow. yikes.

I guess. overall, Midsommer was too ambitious. we are hardly invested in the characters and their journey to find understanding in a culture they’re not accustomed to meanwhile experiencing some very hard misdirection in terms of the story line basically left me disappointed and bored. this film scores nowhere close to the hype since it hit theaters on tuesday. it’s 5:34am and I really gave this review a half assed effort but that’s what the film did to me, so we are even. yawn.

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