The Beach Bum ★★★★½

Harmony Korine’s “The Beach Bum” shows us exactly how conventional movie making isn’t always exactly what we are looking for. in The Beach Bum’s case, we aren’t looking for much other than to be enthralled in Moon Dog’s journey and his “happy go lucky” persona, blissful ignorance and complete free fall into whatever is happening around him. Moon Dog’s triumphs are in his mistakes, and as most people would see the numerous situations in their lives as a set back this is where Moon Dog really thrives. his free spirited aura is actually his key to being the gifted writer and poet that he’s become.

Harmony Korine gives us such a unbelievably beautiful backdrop of the florida keys, tropical settings and fluorescent pools with mood lighting to match. it’s cinematically a treat to watch colors work their way into Moon Dogs life and experiences. 

Matthew McConaughey is seriously impressive in this film as he completely wraps himself into Moon Dog’s persona and characteristics. this role was literally written for him. Isla Fischer, Snoop Dogg, Martin Lawerence, Jonah Hill, Zac Efron and Jimmy Buffett all play Moon Dog’s passerby’s and friends along his journey. this was one of my favorite casting pairings since 2018’s The Sisters Brothers.

The Beach Bum reminds me of how it felt to let go in a relationship and love unapologetically, or that feeling or being on a long trip and knowing you’re safe because your parents are driving. Moon Dog’s set of tragedies are met with an almost gleeful and completely unrealistic sense of reality, but that’s exactly why his community and family seems to love and forgive him so much. failure or triumph, the journey is what matters here most.